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              The latest motorcycle news and customs

              Speed Read, 24 January 2021

              It’s a newsier mix than usual this week, with the Yamaha SR400 finally down for the count, and a top European motorcycle museum gone up in smoke. On the custom bike front, we’ve got two very sporty builds—one an XT600 supermoto, and the other a radically restyled BMW R nineT.

              Custom Yamaha XT660R by Bunker

              Pratik: A Yamaha XT660R from Bunker Custom Cycles


              Istanbul-based brothers Mert and Can Uzer are known for their sleek, super-clean custom builds, but their latest creation has a surprisingly practical mien. The commission came from Kerem, a customer living in the ancient city of Adana. A nine-hour ride south from Bunker’s workshop, it’s near the border with Syria and is one of the…