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            1. Discover the ICON Airflite Jewel helmet with MIPS
              Custom Triumph Bonneville by Auto Fabrica

              Svelte AF: The Auto Fabrica Type 20 custom Bonneville


              Triumph’s current modern classics are wonderfully designed machines that recall the marque’s history, while offering contemporary performance. But their complex electronics and liquid-cooled, fuel injected motors make them notoriously hard to customize. Superficial changes are a walk in the park, but going deep requires a master’s degree in engineering. The thing is, Triumph’s retro range…

              The latest motorcycle news and customs

              Speed Read, 8 November 2020

              Royal Enfield set their sights on the small bike market this week with the new Meteor 350, while Voxan break records with their electric-powered Wattman. Plus Hookie Co. are back with a slick Triumph Bobber Black conversion, Nmoto have a new concept based on a BMW scooter, and a Triumph Trackmaster replica has just sold…